We Love Volunteers!

Volunteers are essential to Birch’s sustainable model. Volunteers contribute the equivalent of about 20 extra full-time employees each year.  You must sign up before all volunteer shifts! 

Common Volunteer Tasks: 

  • Stocking Food/Products
  • Unloading Trucks 
  • Moving Boxes
  • Sorting Produce
  • Check-in Desk
  • Gardening (March – October)

Quick Notes

Age Requirement
The minimum age of volunteers is 14 years old.

Volunteer Time
All volunteer shifts must be a minimum of 2 hours per person.

Sign Up
Check the weekly participant email to sign up for a time to volunteer at the garden or warehouse. 

How to Volunteer

  • Participant Volunteers
  • Individual Volunteers
  • Group Volunteers
  • Garden Volunteers


All BCS Participants serve at least two hours monthly to invest in our community. 

Watch This Video for Our Current Volunteer Process:

  • Sign up for a shift before arriving. The link to sign up is provided in your weekly participant email. 
  • Upon arriving, sign in at the clipboard by the check-in desk
  • When you leave, sign out on one of the volunteer hour laptops
  • Every family is required to complete at least one closing shift every three months
  • Every family is required to complete at least one garden shift per year


First time volunteers, please: 

Returning volunteers, please

  • Use the sign-up link provided to you after your first time orientation. 

Have more questions? Email bcs@bcsi.org.

Want to stay in touch? Please sign up for our mailing list.


To volunteer as a group of 5+ people, please: 

Have more questions? Contact us. 

Want to stay in touch? Please sign up for our mailing list.

The Sunderland Garden is open for participant volunteers (no outside volunteers).

  • Sign up through the link in the weekly email
  • Each family must complete one garden shift each year
  • No experience necessary! You will be given instructions upon arrival
  • Children 10 or older are allowed to volunteer with an adult at the garden
  • All questions regarding volunteering at the garden can be directed to our Garden Volunteer Coordinator, Ashley Schreiner, at ashley@bcsi.org
  • Read the Garden Volunteer Guidelines

Volunteer Guidelines for BCS Families

Looking for the participating family volunteer guidelines? Click the button below to find out more.

Getting Started

Please check in at the front desk to sign and turn in your Individual Volunteer Form and pick up a name-tag.

SAFETY IS OUR #1 PRIORITY. ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS give equipment the right of way. NEVER, NEVER, NEVER expect that operators see or hear you. Don’t run quickly in front of machinery or “just get by.” Step back and make eye contact with the operators. The equipment doesn’t stop on a dime!

Make the supervisor aware of any physical limitations you may have that might hinder your helping activity. Your safety is of utmost importance.

Absolutely no one may operate our power equipment without authorization.

What to Wear

Old clothes that can get dirty are great! Shoes must cover the entire foot and have good rubber soles.

Dress for the weather, i.e., In the winter wear warm clothes; in the summer, cool clothes—but no muscleman tank tops.

Wear a back brace when you are lifting heavy items. We have them in the warehouse; just ask.

Please, no perfume—it can be a bit overwhelming in close quarters.

Volunteer Release Forms