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2022 Top Accomplishments

The average family completing their first year decreased their debt by $7,000 and increased their savings by $1,000. 

The top eight goals accomplished by BCS Participants were: 

  • Consistently budgeting and tracking spending to get current on bills
  • Creating an Emergency Fund
  • Paying more on debt
  • Saving more each month
  • Living with and by a financial plan
  • Relieving stress at home
  • Communicating better about money as a family
  • Paying for medical expenses 


2017 Great Businesses Award
Birch Community Services was recognized by the city of Gresham as a leader in recycling, food redistribution, energy efficiency, and water conservation.

2017 Oregon Recycler of the Year
Birch Community Services was recognized by the state of Oregon as a leader in recycling, food redistribution, energy efficiency, and water conservation.

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Our Participants

Making a difference, one family at a time.


We are grateful for what has been entrusted to our care and it shows in our stewardship of the resources needed to carry out our service in the community.  We make it a priority to reduce waste, reuse whenever possible, and recycle what cannot be reused. These practices not only promote a sustainable environment, but through revenue generation and cost savings, they also promote fiscal sustainability for BCS.

  • In 2021, BCS rescued 13 million pounds of food and household items out of the landfill and placed it into the hands of people in need.
  • BCS generated over $20,000 in recycling revenue in 2021.  We recycle cardboard, plastic, paper, shrink wrap, clothing, wood pallets, cell phones, ink and toner cartridges, bottles, aluminum cans, and metals.
  • We shared over three million pounds of food with 70 other local agencies and nonprofits in 2021 who serve the poor out of the unique expression of their own mission.
  • The vast majority of food that we are unable to redistribute due to poor quality is shared with 15 local animal farmers or is composted.

Awards (continued)

2017 Ethics in Business Award
Birch Community Services was recognized by the city of Gresham as a leader in recycling, food redistribution, energy efficiency, and water conservation.

2017 Rotary Oregon Ethics in Business Award
Birch Community Services was recognized by Rotary International as a leader in integrity, ethics and business.

Our Reach

Each family from more than 20 miles away must meet with a Financial Literacy Counselor and agree the drive makes financial sense for their family. 

Social Sustainability

There is a wonderful cycle that occurs within the BCS model. It begins with the generosity of local businesses who share their surplus food, clothing, and household items.  This donated product comes to the BCS warehouse and is redistributed to families in need.  These families are strengthened by the help and become active and productive members of the community who in turn strengthen local business.

The cycle continues through to the families who experience the “dignity of the exchange” by donating  their time each month. When participants volunteer, they become part of the Birch process and community. Participating volunteers make up for 70% of the work that would have otherwise been hired. Without participants, BCS’ overhead would be prohibitive. There is a sense of joy among participants that not only can they give back, but they directly contribute to the continued services for all the other families on the program. And the cycle doesn’t stop with the hundreds of families BCS serves.

68 local agencies and other nonprofits also have access to the food donated to BCS each week and in turn help to serve another 25,000 people struggling with hunger, homelessness, domestic violence, and/or chemical dependency issues.  BCS is addressing the roots of hunger and poverty in the Northwest.

Join Us

Through sustainable practices, it only costs $40 to support a family of five for one month in the Sustainable Families Program. 

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