Kids’ Bingo for Financial Literacy!

Why should the adults have all the fun? We’ve planned a little fun for the kids this summer!

 Beginning August 1st, we are inviting kids to join us for a game BINGO for Financial Literacy! This activity is designed for kids ages 5-13ish, but feel free to include kids older or younger if it works for your household. Our goal with this activity is to provide you with a fun and easy way to introduce different money concepts to the young people in your household.
two kids playing bingo

Here’s how it works:

  1. You will want one bingo game board for each child who wants to participate. We have one for Elementary and one for Middle Grades. (Pick up a bingo game board next time you come in to shop, or simply print one out at home.) 

  2. Take some time during the month of August to help your child(ren) complete the tasks. Draw an “X” over the task once it is completed. Fill in one row across, down, or diagonally to get a bingo. Fill in the whole board to be entered for one of our Grand Prizes!

  3. August 29th-September 9th, turn in your child’s bingo game board at the check-in window to pick up a prize for your child(ren)  and enter them to win one of the Grand Prizes.


Some helpful tips:

  1. For the elementary-age kids, we have a 5 book set “Marvels of Money for Kids” that you can take and read with your kids. Hint: reading all 5 books will be VERY helpful toward getting a bingo 🙂. 

  2. We encourage you to help your child(ren) with the tasks/activities while allowing them to do as much as they are able to on their own (this will depend on age/level).

  3. There are several boxes that say “read a book about money” on both game boards. You probably already have some at home! If not, take a trip to the library where you will find many books at various levels. If you are having trouble finding books, a quick Google search will bring up many great suggestions. You can find a list of books at Money Prodigy or Consumer Finance.

  1. Most of all – have fun! 

Five kids reading while laying in the grass

If you have any questions, please reach out to the Financial Literacy Department: fld@bcsi.org