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Agencies that have been cleared to participate may come to shop on Monday, Wednesday or Friday at 10:30 a.m. ( Please be on time :). ) Choose one day as your regular pickup day, and come weekly on that day. If something happens and you can’t come that day, you may make it up another day that week. It’s not necessary to call if you are substituting your regular day. *Please have a consistent point person shop for your agency.

If you have been called for a special pickup, generally we like to have agencies with big trucks use our docks before 10 a.m. and after 1:00 p.m., and we may assign you a dock time.

The door will be opened at 10:15 for you to wait until we call agencies out to shop. There is hot coffee available while you wait. You may return empty crates, etc., to the warehouse after 10:30.


Agencies are allowed to back up to BAY #3 ONLY while loading their product when available. Bay #3 will be open on a first come first serve basis.Please be gracious and weekly take turns to allow others to have this close parking space.
The white Needs/Haves board on the wall and all flyers and paperwork in the front office are for our participating families only. All agency paperwork is in the rack (where the clipboards are) in the warehouse.


Please use our rolling carts, shopping carts and hand trucks to move your items through the warehouse. Be aware at all times of any equipment that may be utilized around you, and ALWAYS GIVE EQUIPMENT THE RIGHT OF WAY. This is for your safety! Please, no more than two people per agency in the warehouse, and stay together in one group.  As you shop, please leave the area orderly. (Put signs back where they belong, remove boxes you empty, close refrigerator doors, etc.) Take only the items that have been designated for agencies. Take only what your agency will use; in other words, for the group of people you have indicated on your green agency form. Please be finished shopping and leave the parking lot by 12:00 p.m. We have donations arriving at 12:00 p.m.


Danner boots are available to agencies to give to their program participants only. Please use our Agency Request Forms for Danner Boots indicating the first and the last name of the recipient. The Boot Request Form must be completed and signed only by the Person-In-Charge. When you leave these with us, we will fill the approved requests and provide the boots, hopefully the following week. Please leave your completed requests in the agency area rack. Due to boot donation shortages, we will fill three pairs of boots, per agency per week.


Here at Birch Community Services we gladly share about 30% of our product with other non-profit agencies in the area. Since BCS is a self-supporting organization, 70% of our operational costs (rent, utilities, gas, employees, etc.) come from monthly service fees. As of January 2017, all regularly shopping agencies are required to pay a $100 monthly service fee, unless they are REGULARLY reciprocating with product. With this, we are also switching to a ‘pay ahead’ policy, requesting that all participants and agencies pay a month in advance. Thus, January’s service fee must be paid by December 31st, February’s service fee must be paid by January 31st, so on and so forth. If we do not receive payment for the next month by the last day of the current month, the agency will receive a late notice. After three late notices the agency will be removed from the program. This is the same policy we employ with participating families. Also, any participating agency that does not attend for one month, and hasn’t contacted us, will be removed from the program, and replaced with another agency.


Please make sure we have a current Agency Survey Form (and required attachments) on file. We will update with you once a year.
We do not provide childcare for agencies. Clipboards, shopping sheets, boot request forms, and extra agency guideline sheets are located in the rack by the east warehouse door (next to the shopping carts). Please do not use our “family” forms for boots, etc.
Agencies are not eligible to refer families for participation on this program.
Thanks for helping us to be as organized and efficient as possible!


Special Holiday Hours for 2017
Weather/emergency closures will be posted on the front page of this website and sent via email.

Please mark your calendars for the following closures for the year 2017.

All other weeks will be regular Monday, Wednesday, Friday schedule.

Memorial Day: Monday, May 29  – CLOSED
Labor Day: Monday, September 4 – CLOSED
Black Friday: Friday: November 24 – CLOSED
Christmas Day: Monday, December 25 – CLOSED
New Year’s Day 2018: Monday, January 1, 2018 – CLOSED

Unless other notification is received, these will be our only schedule variations for the year 2017.
Please make sure we have your current email address so we may notify you of changes.