Stretch Your Food Budget with Pasta!

Meat prices are through the roof but a little can go a long way. You can stretch your food budget by getting creative with pasta or salad dishes.

salad with chickpeas, chicken and avo

Meat can really eat into your grocery budget each month, but by simply reducing the amount of meat in each meal, you can stretch your food budget. A couple of great ways to do this is by preparing pasta or salad dishes that incorporate smaller bits of meat rather than that big ‘ol slab of beef or chicken on each plate. 

Here are a few examples of dishes you could prepare on a budget:

pasta and sauce

If you are wanting a little more greens than pasta when you stretch your food budget, then lean into the salads instead:

salad with meat and cheese

Calling All At Home (or outside of the Home) Chefs and Cooks

Do you enjoy experimenting with new recipes? Or maybe you stumbled upon a delicious combination of foods that you are itching to tell someone about?  If you have simple recipes or food inspiration ideas to share, we are ready for them! Just email steph@bcsi.org or contact us here.


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