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Rainbow Nutrition: Green Foods

Green foods get their color from a pigment called chlorophyll, which enables plants to make their own food from sunlight. Chlorophyll, glucosinolates, lutein, and zeaxanthin

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Did You Know? Beetroot, also known as table beets, descended from sea beets in the Middle East as early as 8500 BCE where they were

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Did You Know? Potatoes were first grown in the Andean region of South America There are over 100 types of potatoes varying in size, color,

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Nutrition Engagement Intern

Jasmin Conklin was Birch’s Nutrition Engagement Intern from January – June 2021 while she finished her Masters in Nutrition from the National University of Natural Medicine in Portland. 

Her role was to support Birch families in maximizing their food resources and feeling their best. 

A little about Jasmin: 

  • In my opinion, nothing beats a good taco…but pasta is a close second!
  • Food has the power to heal, but everyone’s needs are different! From nutrient density to food sensitivities to picky eating, I can help you figure out what works best for you and your family.
  • I’m a firm believer that our relationship with food matters just as much as what we eat.
  • I’m the oldest of five kids, so I know mealtime can be hectic! I love finding ways to simplify and bring balance back into nourishing my community.
  • My superpower would probably be empathy! I’ve had a lot of practice putting myself in other people’s shoes and learning how to walk with them through changes.

Want to pick up where Jasmin left off? Email valerie@bcsi.org