Empowering Families to Reach Their Goals


As a key part of its Sustainable Families Program, Birch Community Services equips families with the tools they need to overcome financial difficulty. Upon joining the program, and on an annual basis, each family will meet with our Program Manager to discuss the why behind the numbers. From this point, each family receives personalized counseling and recommendations for the year. This is the heart of BCS as it is the driving force behind change and impact in the lives of our families. The Program Manager facilitates the success of BCS program participants in achieving their personal goals of self-sufficiency.

“Facing our financial situation and debt is scary, especially when you don’t have the info or tools to help dig yourself out. My goal for this class was to come away with tools, motivation, and encouragement that we will be able to be debt-free, and that goat has for sure been met.”

– BCS Participant, Re$tart Class, 2018


“You should put LMFC (licensed marriage family counselor) after your name. The vocabulary that you suggested I use worked like a charm. I am hoping to have our television disconnected today! Between you and I, my happy dance just came out.”

– BCS Participant, 2017

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