The need for emergency food assistance in our country is significant. It is vital that those who need access to emergency assistance be given the help they need. SNAP (formerly Foodstamps) is a program designed to do just that and participation in SNAP has been increasing significantly in recent years. Still, it comes at a cost to taxpayers and a cost to the people who may become dependent on this assistance.

The reasons behind hunger are complex: Generational poverty, access to a living wage, education, public policy, inequity, and personal responsibility just to name a few factors. There are about 120,000 people in the Portland Metro Area who are working, but still can’t make ends meet, and 70% of Oregon’s poor families are working.

At BCS, we offer a hand up to people who are working or actively seeking employment. We have not received government support for our work and do not allow our participants to receive government support other than the Oregon Health Plan (OHP) or Women, Infants, and Children (WIC). We train our participants in money management and job skills to help them overcome financial difficulty.

BCS is not for everyone. We offer a sensible and sustainable alternative to programs like SNAP. We encourage personal responsibility within a community of accountability. This is a community where dignity is strengthened and generosity is modeled. We believe everyone has something to give and when they share of their time and effort, participants are truly a key part of addressing the roots of poverty in our community.

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