Welcome to the Sunderland Garden!

Matt Takahashi is the garden coordinator for Birch Community Services Production Garden located in Gresham, Oregon on the beautiful hillside property of Brain & Julie Sunderland. The property is located just east of Kane & Division behind Greater Gresham Baptist Church.  We meet here once a week on Wednesday mornings from 9:30 -11:30. We are excited that you have shown an interest in fulfilling your monthly volunteer hours with us.

Volunteering in the garden

This culinary garden is planted, maintained and harvested strictly by volunteers such as yourself. None of us are professional gardeners. We each have a common interest and that is in gardening. The garden has 17 4×10 raised beds and 4 Mayan beds with a 3 compartment compost bin and this year we will be adding an herb garden up on the hill.

As an alternative to completing your volunteer hours at the warehouse, we are here to provide you with the experience of doing your hours out of doors as well as sharing from experience how you can grow your own gardens and or simply starting with one small plant.

Parking, Dress, and Tools

There are a few important guidelines we ask and expect of you while at the garden. Parking in the grass near the basketball goal is requested rather than the driveway per the Sunderland family. IF you can car pool with a friend from BCS all the better as parking is limited. We ask that you please come to the garden dressed in proper attire according to the weather. RAIN OR SHINE…we will be here. For Example If it’s raining wear full rain gear including MUD boots. BCS has a huge selection. Stop by and get yourself a pair. You will need head gear and gloves. If it’s warm (ladies be modest of your tops as you will be doing some bending over) wear sunscreen and a hat/sun glasses. Bring a water bottle and use the RR before you arrive. None are provided for us. We will be weeding, weed whacking, planting & harvesting over an 8 month time frame. If you have gardening tools you are welcome to bring them to use.

Also, be prepared to do whatever task you are asked including but not limited to returning the harvest to the warehouse weighing it and logging it in. Andrew or Lynn can assist you in where to do this.  Please DO NOT leave it and assume someone else will do it.

Returning Produce to Warehouse

After getting the harvest logged & weighed you will then go into the office and post your volunteer hours for the day and the time you were at the garden until delivery of the harvest. 9:30 – ?/Sunderland Garden. If you do not take harvest back to the warehouse, typical logged hours will be 9:30 – 11:30/Sunderland Garden. We will not wait for you to start and we will not stay late for you to make up your time if you are late. That is something you will take up with Suzanne. Get a volunteer form, grab your tools and come garden with us. We look forward to seeing you.


Volunteer Opportunities at BCS Gardens

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