BCS has been conducting Teaching Gardens every year since 2010.

Participants (and their older children) have the opportunity to learn hands-on how to tend the vegetable gardening cycles and processes task by task, from season to season; and are encouraged to begin their own family gardens as a practice. Our green thumb has inspired others to take up gardening as noted in Sunset Magazine July 2011 and The Oregonian March 2012. We reap what we sow. The yield harvested from these gardens are then put out on shopping days for the participating families. We’d like to especially thank the participants and donors who have opened up their property for this use over the years.  Thank you!!!

Volunteer Opportunities at BCS Gardens

Would you like to do your BCS volunteering in a beautiful garden and learn how to grow your own produce? Sign up through Volunteer Spot today!

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2018 - 2582 Pounds of Produce
2017 - 2082 Pounds of Produce
2016 - 3939 Pounds of Produce
2015 - 2670 Pounds of Produce
2014- 2898 Pounds of Produce
2013 - 4186 Pounds of Produce
2012 - 2975 Pounds of Produce
2011 - 916 Pounds of Produce