Visitors and shoppers arriving at Birch enter through the glass doors. They are greeted at the check-in desk, where participants check in to shop for the day. Visitors can ask questions at the reception desk, or participants can pay their service fee or register for classes. The waiting room provides comfortable chairs and coffee, hot chocolate and tea. The HAVES and NEEDS board No money changes hands; everything is freely given. The information rounder in the front office is the source for a variety of information and forms. A permanent wall with a large window separates the waiting area and the children's area. Children can wait in a safe place while parents shop. New participants are guided by a volunteer during their first shopping trip. Entering the distribution area, shoppers see the 'Specialty'' shelves on the right... ... and can find empty shopping carts available on the left. Directly ahead is 'Gracie', the walk-in cooler. Kristel pushes her shopping cart into 'Gracie' through the hanging plastic strips. Marguerite goes 'green' with her cloth shopping bags as she chooses cold items inside Gracie. Jess investigates refrigerated pastries after picking out kiwis. Ted chooses fresh kiwi, milk, salads and salad dressings, etc. inside Gracie. Exiting Gracie, canned food shelves give Kristel the option of choosing several items A variety of breads allow healthy choices for her family. A variety of breads allow healthy choices for her family. Shelves for snacks contain chips, crackers, candy, etc., limited to one or two a week. Over-the-counter medications and supplies are available at a limit of one or two a week per family. The 'Specialty' shelves offer the opportunity to choose a few items that may be more valuable, such as cereal or baking supplies. Kristel takes ice cream out of the five-door freezer. Items and quantity limits vary from week to week. Around the corner from the five-door freezer is 'George'. Refrigerated doors in 'George' allow easy choices to be made. Bright colored signs note the item and the quantity limits for each family. 'George' stores multiple pallets of cold foods for later distribution. Bulk breads and sweets can be found on rolling carts. Clean plastic gloves and bags are nearby. Kristel chooses fresh fruits and vegetables off produce carts and pallets. Quantities of fresh produce are sometimes available to take as needed. Amy finds a canning opportunity when strawberries are plentiful. Aisle five offers non-perishable options to shoppers. Our computer training room holds numerous classes available at no cost to our participants. Chuck Whitlock is shown teaching an Excel class. Also taught is Quicken, Word, Success at Work. Tutoring is available the first and third Wednesday afternoons of each month. Upstairs the clothing area offers a variety of items of interest to all ages. Tawnya volunteers weekly organizing the clothing; BCS participants may take whatever they need for their families. The Danner Boot Company (LaCrosse Footwear) has provided much needed boots to our hardworking participant families and agencies. The boot area upstairs displays a wide variety of styles and sizes. Much goes on behind the scenes in the back warehouse where incoming product is weighed, sorted and stored.

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